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What Do We Do?

At Passer, we specialize in complete digital transformation of businesses from marketing services, integrating digital systems into day-to-day operations, to establishing and optimising the digital infrastructure. 

Our aim is to ensure that business leaders develop a more data driven and result oriented approach in their marketing activities, systems development and daily operations.

Our Philosophy: Right Data. Right Time. Right People. Right Impact.

We use technology to help businesses achieve their full potential, and to scale beyond. We believe in a tailor made approach that fits your needs and goals. Share your goals with us and we can tell you how technology integration can realize it faster and more efficiently.

Technology in Sales
Powering business growth with integrated CRM, sales tracking, and analytics
Technology in Sales
We focus on partnering for the growth of your business. We integrate CRM Systems, introduce sales pipeline tracking, and analytical tools that can pivot sales in a fast growing digital world. We help you evaluate your brand’s needs and develop powerful strategies that maximize profits without facing any geographical constraints.
Technology in Reporting
Dynamic dashboards & real-time trackers for immediate, data-driven decision-making.
Technology in Reporting
We excel in building dashboards and trackers with real-time data views. Our solutions empower you to make data-driven decisions promptly, ensuring timely and informed actions.
Technology in Communication
Streamlining communication for unmatched efficiency and automated processes
Technology in Communication
We help ensure your communication needs are well taken care of. By introducing marketing automation systems to streamline communication with customers, and newer, quicker and powerful internal channels such as Slack/Mattermost/Teams alongside other digital systems to manage the flow of communication, there will be more time for innovations and business growth.
Technology In Marketing
Digital tools optimized for digital-first consumers to help you unlock growth
Technology In Marketing
We specialize in introducing technology into marketing using advanced digital trackable tools. Our expertise lies in optimizing your company for digital-first consumers, providing you with exclusive access to data insights that unlock your business’s unparalleled growth potential.
Technology in Customer Service
Improving efficiencies in customer support through integrated systems
Technology in Customer Service
We facilitate a dynamic two-way dialogue with your customers, ensuring their feedback on your business or product reaches you promptly, by integrating a centralized ticketing platform with CRM and automations to help drive efficiencies in customer success.
Technology in Operations
Precision operations, tailored for tomorrow
Technology in Operations
With the ever changing requirements in today’s fast paced work environment, we can custom build ERP systems that will efficiently manage all aspects of your operations aligning financial management, human resources, supply chain management, and manufacturing or distribution into a single thread.

How Are We Different?

Our unique framework allows us to work as enablers even for small businesses and startups without breaking the bank.

We help businesses increase customer value and improve their operational effectiveness by infusing startup thinking and agile methods to their core practices. And our approach works each time because innovations happen when customer-centricity permeates processes.

Super Efficient

Streamlined operations allow our associates to work remotely and perform at exceptional levels, offering flexibility and boosting productivity.

On Budget, On Time

Our user-first policy makes our solutions minimalistic, result-oriented, on time and on budget. You won’t find us going in with an axe when minor stitches are all you need.

Highly Skilled

With a network of high functioning individuals having worked with over 70+ brands, we work as an extension of your team, providing strategic guidance, technical support and direction.

Why Choose Us?

As a business owner, you’ve got the gist of digital platforms, but running a truly digital-first business can be a challenge. 

Many small business owners lack the expertise and experience needed for success in the digital space. Relying on internal hires or advice from peers might seem cost-effective, but it often slows down growth and turns into an expensive experiment.

Here’s where Passer steps in. 

We’re here to minimize your risk and bring global expertise to your doorstep at local costs. Unlike others, we won’t come in with an axe when minor stitches will do. Our user-first policy ensures our solutions are minimalistic, result-oriented, on time, and on budget.

Want to know more about how Passer can help your business?

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